Bright Smiles For Holiday Pictures

The one part of the holidays that can be a little crazy is usually after everyone has gathered and had a great time.  It never fails that at the end of every single party that a holiday photo is needed to be taken.  This is the time to think about your teeth before those pictures are taken.  If your smile is going to make you sad for years to come when those family photos or work photos are shown then you may need to start working on a solution now.  If having white teeth is important or if you are looking in the mirror and your teeth scare you then you may benefit from a few tips on how to get white teeth.  Now, I am not one to think that looks are everything, but they certainly can make some situations better and that is why when big occasions are coming I prepare by making sure my teeth are up to the occasion.


I think time has a big part to play when it comes to getting your teeth brighter.  There is a huge difference in the things you can do depending on how much time you have to get your teeth whiter. And another thing to take into account is the price of getting your teeth whiter as well.  The fact is that if you have months to work on your smile then you may be able to lower the cost dramatically in order to look the way you want.  Many whitening products and services cost a whole lot and work very quickly but few work well and cost a low amount.  Usually, those low-cost options end up taking months and generally include brushing your teeth with the product and cutting back on coffee and wine.  So just understand that the longer you wait until the time you need to look good, will likely increase your cost of products or services.


The first thing on the list for the long-term and low-cost option is simply brushing your teeth with a whitening toothpaste.  It is always a great idea to brush your teeth consistently and twice a day.  If you have a month or two to get your teeth brighter then a good tooth whitening paste can help you, but generally, you will need to cut back on foods and especially drinks like coffee in order for it to work well.  Brushing your teeth in the morning and then drinking coffee right after usually stains your teeth worse than not brushing and that is saying something.  So be careful to give yourself in my opinion 3 months to help brighten your smile with this method.


Whitening strips are a great way to get a brighter smile within one to two weeks.  These options are generally effective and cost less than 100 dollars.  The downside to using these products in my opinion is the tooth sensitivity that always seems to follow a long.  I don't use these options anymore due to the pain that they cause me and sensitivity is indeed pain in my body.  So be careful when using this option as it may end up being a painful yet successful option.  


The last option is to get it done professionally by your dentist.  This is the most expensive, fastest and probably best option if you can afford it.  It is the safest as a professional is there with you teh whole time using generally the best options available.  So I hope these tips help your smile this holiday season. Say Cheese.

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